• Malema Court
  • 16 Evangelistrias Street
  • Malema Court, Office 41
  • 3031 Limassol
  • Tel:00357 99 207000
  • Web: www.intermproperties.com
  • Email:info@intermproperties.com
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For Sale
Price €702,000 + VAT
  • sqm Property Size
  • 120sqm Covered Area
  • 0 Bedrooms
  • 0 Bathroom
  • 0 Garages

Property Description

Designed as a mixed-use building of retail, office and high-end residential space, it is built around direct pedestrian routes across the site with its own exclusive drive-in alleyway off Makarios avenue itself. The project affords owners and tenants the highest ratio of outdoor and underground parking space per unit of capacity of any building in Limassol, coupled with very modern, high-end, and energy-efficient building specifications.
Special consideration has been given by the renowned architects and designers to create a sophisticated, highly refined and attractive environment, with the luxury of light. Breathtaking views, expansive windows and high ceilings give each room a feeling of real space and openness, hence establishing oneness between structure and natural environment. Each office and each apartment is an architectural delight, constructed from the highest standards of marble, wood and aluminium.
Designed with a great attention to the details with both incoming and outcoming light during the day and night, respectively, with panoramic views of the sea, promenade and the marina to the south, and the stunning mountain views on the north.
9th Floor - Residential (Skewed Sea View), 149 m2, price: 818,010
9th Floor - Residential (Mountain View),154 m2, price: 831,600
10th Floor - Residential, 252 m2, price: 1,428,840
12th Floor - Residential (Sea View), 120 m2, price: 702,000
13th Floor - Residential (Sea View), 239 m2, price: 1,419,660
13th Floor - Residential (Skewed Sea View), 140 m2, price: 825,300
13th Floor - Residential (Mountain View), 145 m2, price: 835,200
Full 15th Floor Penthouse + Patio (Penthouse w/360 Panoramic Sea & Full City Views
Penthouse Patio & Roof Garden ), 415 m2, price: 2,610,000